What Clients Say

These game-changing clients are MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN. Their complete public testimonials can be found at LinkedIn.com.


Joel Albizo, Executive Director, Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards

"Ann recently served as an executive coach to me and I found her approach to be exceptionally positive, encouraging, and adaptable with a strong outcome orientation that made each session valuable...I would heartily recommend Ann..."


Sarah Happel, Immediate Past Executive Chair, IMF Family Association

"Ann has been vital to my leadership successes as Executive Chair of a non-profit board in DC.  She provides thought-provoking questions, tools and methodologies which have greatly increased my organization's visibility and results."


Nancy Lamberton, Chair, Women In Technology

"Ann has an extraordinary skill at helping leaders see challenges in a new light and to approach those challenges with a creative and open mind... Ann's ability to ask the simple, but hard, questions makes her coaching truly transformational."


Don Norris, President, Strategic Initiatives

"Ann never fails to bring clarity to murky situations and unearth the critical factor that had eluded everyone else's radar."


Pat Nichols, President, Transition Leadership International LLC

"I serve as Interim CEO for nonprofits facing major strategic transitions and one of the major challenges in this work is finding the space to "think large" while dealing with the chaotic demands of the day. Not only did Ann help me create that space but she added wonderful insights along the way..."

Advocates for grateful patients. The Association for Healthcare Philanthropy is the leading authority for standards, knowledge, and leadership for healthcare philanthropy. 


“Ann has worked with AHP on several occasions sharing with us her wealth of knowledge and insights. Her ability to focus us strategically and provide her marketing expertise has been invaluable. Her ability to keep us focused, motivated and on target is the reason we call on her again and again.”


Inspired people create inspired places. PCBC  transitioned from California home builder trade show to idea marketplace supported by a community of thought-leaders.


 “Ann was critical in helping our organization develop and implement a brand strategy that moved us past words and into actions. Her deep understanding of organizational DNA and the need to operationalize ideas makes her an extremely effective strategist.” 



Champions for active, healthy lives. National Association for Sport and Physical Education serves coaches, athletic directors, trainers, and sports management professionals.


 "Ann gave us a wonderful two days that have sparked recommitment, re-engagment, and a deepened sense of appreciation for the work we do and those around us.”