What Do Coaches Do?

Coaches ask rather than tell, helping clients set and achieve their goals. 


Research from the Center for Creative Leadership identified five categories of skills for coaching others:

  • Building the relationship. Trust is a pre-requisite for learning.
  • Providing assessment. Help others gain self-awareness and insight.
  • Challenging assumptions. Generate options and reasonable risk-taking.
  • Supporting and encouraging. Listen, track progress, recognize success.
  • Driving results. Effective coaching is about clients achieving goals.

What DIfferentiates Coaching?

          SUPERVISOR                                MENTOR

          Authority                                           Experienced Peer

          Do it this way.                                This is how I did it...


          CONSULTANT                               COACH

          Expert                                               Facilitator

          This is how to do it.                      What have you tried?

                                                                    How has that worked?

                                                                    What else can you try?"

As a man changes his own nature,

so does the attitude of the world change towards him.

                                                            Mohandras Gandhi