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A movement, defined by, is "An organized effort by supporters of a common goal, such as the leader of the labor movement is basically mobilizing people towards a shared goal."


With today's social media, just about anyone can start a movement, local, regional or global. How will you connect people for action?

When the Supreme Court took up two cases on the constituionality of marriage equalilty,the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) launched a show of support for marriage equality, urging its followers (and their friends and families) to change their Facebook profile pictures to the red and pink equal sign. The campaign quickly went viral.


According to a post from Facebook data scientist Eytan Bakshy, 2.7 million more users swapped their photos Tuesday, March 26, 2013, than on the previous Tuesday, due to the viral marriage equality Facebook campaign started by the Human Rights Campaign. 


See a Mashup of images, including Bert and Ernie, and infographics of Facebook's analysis.


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