Resources for Finding Your Own Way

Browse through the categories of resources listed at the left and take one out for a spin.  The important thing is to get started and like every hero on a quest, seek out trusted advisers who pop up on the way.  Consider these three questions:


What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Your mood affects your actions and controls the weather for those around you. Stay in appreciation and a feeling of abundance will replace deficiency-thinking.


What Were You Meant For?

Who are you when you are at your best? What energizes you? What calls to you? Purpose can't be taught, but it can be discovered. Start by clarifying your stengths and values.


Where Are You Going?

Not sure?  Time for a new route? A new destination? As resourceful as we all are, everyone gets stuck at some point and can benefit from a new perspective.


Leaders are more powerful role models

when they learn than when they teach.

                        Rosabeth Moss Kantor