Film Festival

Documentary by Vanessa Gould on origami as the intersection of art and science, and the ensuing crash of soulful artists and MIT geeks. Unfold the paradox.
1986 documentary that distills the heart of Jung's work, and for me, the foundation of coaching and countless personality and strengths-based assessments.
You have something very special inside. Like Jack Frost, you will be challenged to discover your center, the one word that animates your life.
The Legend of Bagger Vance reveals how to live a truly authentic life (and play great "golf" - whatever your form of "golf" is). Drawn from the Hindu Bhagavad Gita
This 1996 film contrasts the boldness of social dance with the buttoned-up societal mores of Japan, where people avoid public displays of emotion.

Leadership Thought Leaders

Marcus Buckingham on the distinct roles of a Leader vs a Manager


Dan Pink on Control vs. Motivation


Colin Powell on 13 Rules of Leadership


David Rock et al on Leaders with Values


Soul Biographies

Nic Askew makes soul-shaking, short, black and white films that reveal who a person is. Subscribe to get a new film every Monday to focus your attention on what really matters.

A Better You via TED Talks

11 films are featured on TED Talks Playlist: A Better YOU. Here are two favorites:


Brene Brown on vulnerability


Amy Cuddy on how your body language shapes who you are


More favorites TED Talks

Susan Cain on the power of introverts


Malcom Gladwell on spaghetti sauce


Arianna Huffington on secret to better work is getting more sleep


Dan Pink on motivation


Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire


Paul Zak on trust, morality and oxytocin


Ben Zander on shining eyes