What is Your Life Purpose?

What if you could truly know your life purpose in just a few minutes and engage people in what matters to you? 


Love this TEDxMalibu film of Adam Leipzig presenting the simplest, most coherent method of knowing your purpose, what has meaning and heart for you, but also giving you a personal elevator speech that will engage others.

Self-discovery and Personal Reinvention

Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance (c) HBR 2012

by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee


"An emotionally intelligent leader can monitor his or her moods through self-awareness, change them for the better through self-management, understand their impact through empathy, and act in ways that boost others' moods through relationship management."


"The (five-step) process begins with imagining your ideal self and then coming to terms with your real self, as others experience you. The next step is creating a tactical plan to bridge the gap between ideal and real, and after that, to practice those activities. It concludes with creating a community of colleagues and family--call them change enforcers--to keep the process alive."


1. "Who do I want to be?" Consider your deepest values and loftiest dreams.

2. "Who am I now?" Find out how others experience you with 360 feedback.

3. "How do I get from here to there?" Figure out how to close the gap.

4. "How do I make change stick?" Practice, practice, practice.

5. "Who can help me?" For feedback, progress reports, and sustain change.


"(P)aradoxically, in the self-directed learningprocess we draw on others every step of the way--from articulating and refining our ideal self and comparing it with the reality to the final assessment that affirms our progress. Our relationships offer us the very context in which we understand our progress and comprehend the usefulness of what we're learning."


Identifies Your Strengths


Sally Hogshead built on her branding know-how to create this instrument and online coaching platform. (She also delivers a fantastic keynote and SRO workshops to help your audience leverage their strengths.)


Optimize your effectiveness in connecting with others. Take the assessment on-line and get a personal pdf report.