Leadership Coaching and Development

IMPROVE your effectiveness with leadeship coaching


CREATE a coaching culture among high potentials and key leaders


SUSTAIN performance by creating renewable leadership resoucrces

Reality #1: The New Normal

The game has changed and you need to be more effective despite

  • Relentlessly accelerating change
  • Perpetual uncertainty and
  • Compounding complexity


The only hope is stay open, curious, and connected, ready for whatever comes next.  Today's leaders live in the moment, anchored by purpose and values, to meet each day, head on.


Leadership coaching supports that kind of agility and discovery.  Coaching is a future orientated, outcome based, confidential learning process that results in new actions and greater self-awareness. 


That's why I believe coaching is the core competency of the 21st century and the ability to be coached is the best predictor of success.

The most critical competency

in shortest supply by 2020 will be sensemaking,

the ability to read the situation and create meaning,

order, and clarity out of an ambiguous context.

                                                       Institute for the Future

Reality #2: You Can't Do It Alone

The new normal requires leadership at every level of your organization. Make sure everyone is weather-proofed and inspired to take you to higher ground.


 Making Ideas Happen Coaching and Consulting designs leadership development programs and strategies for emerging leaders and seasoned professionals, organizations and movements.


Together, we close the trust gap and grow leaders at every level.

Reality #3: Leadership is Hard Work

That was a recent client's aha moment.  Leadership is hard work and if it is not offset by restorative practices, even the most effective leader will falter.


In Becoming a Resonant Leader, Annie McKee, Richard Boyatzis and Fran Johnston distilled current neuroscience and recommended three practices to offset leadership fatigue:

  • Mindfulness
  • Hope
  • Compassion

Goleman and Boyatzis later added a fourth practice

  • Playfulness and laughter.


What activities restore you? How can you schedule them in your work-day to maintain your effectiveness?

Need results in a hurry? Combine Coaching with Team Work to apply, and adapt, what you learn in real time with your team or board.