Strengths-Based Workshops

START from where you're going and see the steps that got you there


STRENGTHEN relationships to weather whatever comes next


VALUE the wisdom in the room and build on what's working

Making Ideas Happen Coaching and Consulting takes a strengths-based approach to learning, designing Appreciative Inquiry events in service to:

  •  Visioning and Planning           
  • Creativity and Collaboration
  • Game-Changing Leadership
  • Organizational Climate Change
  • High Performing Teams
  • Social Responsibility     


Just as plants grow towards the light, organizations grow towards whatever you shine a light on.


Focus on what you want more of because what you pay attention to grows.

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Cultivate Your Team's Strengths

StandOut is a book, self-assessment, and coaching resource that answers three questions:

  • How can organizations accelerate use of best practices?
  • How can managers build and sustain winning teams?
  • How can employees take responsibility for their own performance and development?