Team Work Retreats

PRACTICE new ways to work together across disciplines and interests


ALIGN leaders, teams, partners, suppliers, and customer evangelists


CREATE a new platform for industry, profession, and civic leadership    

Making Ideas Happen Coaching and Consulting can help you and your team:


  • IMPROVE performance across distributed networks and organizations
  • CO-CREATE criteria for decision-making and shared responsibility
  • BECOME more resilient and build trust for organizational climate change


The Trustworthy Leader

Workshop for Building and Conveying

Leadership Trust

Trust between leaders, managers and employees is the key to developing a great workplace culture that contributes to organizational growth, innovation,and success. This workshop provides an understanding of how trustworthy leaders develop their point of view and provides participants with strategies for becoming a trustworthy leader.

Need results in a hurry? Is your work environment toxic? Combine Coaching with Team Work for a culture makeover and thrive again.